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The eBook PROJECT THINKING illustrates in a clear manner the entire project management cycle from idea generation through planning, implementation to completion. Its content and processing is a unique publication on the market and becomes a part of every modern project manager’s library.

Now available in PDF format.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, employee of the state administration or a volunteer – it is very likely that you will encounter projects in the course of your work. Perhaps you are a member of a Project Team or a Project Manager. You are expected to take certain steps and especially to produce results.

We know how to do it!

If you are looking for a „HOW TO DO IT?“ tool, this eBook is the the answer. You do not need sophisticated theory, but a practical guide. And that is exactly what this book is all about: „HOW TO HANDLE AN IDEA, INNOVATION OR CONTRACT, AND CARRY IT OUT TO A SUCCESSFUL END“.

You can do it with PROJECT THINKING!

PROJECT THINKING (PTBOK ™ Guide) is the English eBook on Basic Principles of Project Management. It is a universal manual written in a simple language. Book with practical examples. The essence of project and contract management offers in basic – generally valid principles. The eBook is written in English and therefore it is appropriate as a manual for project teams working in an international environment.

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doc. Ing. Petr Všetečka, PhD.

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A Guide to the Project Thinking Body of Knowledge (PTBOK™ Guide) 2018


VŠETEČKA, Petr. A Guide to the Project Thinking Body of Knowledge (PTBOK™ Guide). English edition. Liptovský Mikuláš : Petr Všetečka, 2018. 272 p. 978‐80‐570‐0066‐2

12 recenzií k eBook PROJECT THINKING (PDF)

  1. Robert Sabaka Director, Singapore‐Central European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore

    PROJECT THINKING is an excellently and clearly elaborated publication, thoroughly covering all project management aspects. It is a valuable guide for both domestic and international project teams.

  2. Jan Hebnar, MBA Managing Director, KINEX BEARINGS, Shanghai, China

    Coordination and the effective usage of resources are currently becoming the most valuable source of competitive advantage within successful companies. Všetečka briefly and clearly describes such coordination through the methods and tools of project management, which makes this book beneficial at increasing performance and achieving a competitive advantage on the market.

  3. Brigadier General Boris Durkech, PhD. (Assoc. prof.) Rector, Armed Forces Academy, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

    “PROJECT THINKING” is a truly interesting, original and professional publication suitable for both pedagogues and university students, as it returns to the simplicity of systems thinking in essential principles. The author thus manages to make the issue of project management understandable to a broad range of specialists from both national and international teams. I consider Petr’s efforts to unify expert terminology in this sphere particularly valuable.

  4. Jozef Sebek, PhD. Director, Institute of Technology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia

    This book is a clear, brief and eloquent manual on project management: “HOW TO HANDLE AN IDEA, INNOVATION OR CONTRACT AND CARRY IT OUT TO A SUCCESSFUL END”. In addition, the book is eye‐catching and funny, which is why the reader can read it “at one sitting”. The check questions and checklist at the end of each chapter, as well as the number of examples and lessons learned, guarantee that the reader will enjoy returning to the book, even if they become project team members.

  5. Dagmar

    This book is indispensable for a manager
    Thanks to the book of project management and its author Petr Vsetecka I know, what steps will get you me on the right path when managing projects.
    The anglická version is beneficial not only for the anglická speakers, but also for those who needs to become familiar with the terminology of project management.

  6. Miro

    I recommend
    A long time I was looking for a similar publication. I found it in the manual sample project manager, a great tool for people that want to learn what is needed for a „safe“ controlling of a project, whether internal or external. The anglická translation is useful when communicating with foreign colleagues or customers.

  7. Peter Mekel

    Perfect „cook“ for project management
    The book is written in a very precise, highly professional and clear manner. Big bonus is that it will help a manager to find his way even in foreign projects, in addition serves as an excellent vocabulary in this specific chapter management. Our company in 2015, it gives its professional partners and customers as a valuable gift that should not be missing in any real manager library.

  8. Miriam

    Excellent tool
    The book is very good assistant for both the novice project managers, as well as the most experienced, to verify whether the shot and whether their opinion is in accordance with internationally recognized methodologies. In the book there are many examples of images and it is really well written. Definitely worth to own it

  9. Marek

    This book is a real unique in project management, easily and clearly described how to build a project and station it to a successful conclusion. At the same time the book serves as an excellent basis for preparing for certification PM. Good luck author may still be a few of these great books.

  10. Zoya

    It is a book that belongs in every library of top managers, because every manager manages the strategic projects of the company. No matter what the project management know this book help. Either you serve as a teacher or your controller. In any case, with her about anything in your project you forget. It can be read from the front, from the back … or the part where you are now with your project here, only thing you need is to remember where you have it stored on the shelf :).

  11. Daniela

    I consider the publication to be unique on our market. The content perfectly portrays it’s unusual title Project „Thinking“ because it forces us to think in contexts and use the healthy sedentary intellect. I like it the most. The book combines a number of original elements that make it extremely useful not only as a textbook and professional guide, but issues, tasks, examples, lessons and inspiration are a source of valuable information for everyday practice. A crisp and engaging graphic layout, an appealing and simple language, allow the book not only to read „on one’s breath“, but in particular to quickly return to the search for information if needed. I will venture not only to project manager and project team member, but to anyone who wants to successfully complete any project.

  12. Ing. Adriana Augustínová, R&D Process Engineer, Schaffner Deutschland GmbH

    The book Project Thinking is written in a very compelling, comprehensible way and along with funny comments it makes it a truly unique book on today’s market. I’m really excited about it because it gives practical instructions how to make the project work. I will try to apply correctly all the knowledge I gained in future projects and „eat an elephant“ – of course, by small pieces . Who wants to know more, read the book.

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